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    • Author: Telemann, Georg Philipp

      Keyboard or Lute (Guitar)Spielstücke fúr die laute: Presto, Svite (Allemande, Courante, Menuet, Sarabande, Le drole, Trio, Bourée, Gigue), Partita à cembalo solo (Preludio, Aria, Rondeau, Menuet I, Menuet II, Gigue a l´Angloise), Marche pour monsieur le capitaine Weber (Retraite), Suite von Mr. Kreysing dem jüngern (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue,...

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    • Author: Varios Autores

      (?) Fantasie. Crema, G.M. da: Fantasie, Puisque ce, Passe e mezo a la Blognesa, Saltarella a la Bolognesa. Milano, F. de: Fantasie, Fantasie de mon triste, De mon triste. Sermisy, C. de: Vivre ne puis content, J'ay mis le cuer, De vous servir, Par ton regard, Si bona suscepimus A 4. Mahiet: Amours ont changés, Elle lara. Anonyme: Ha la hé, Et don bonsoir,...

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    • Author: Straube, Rudolf


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    • Author: Dowland, John
      Editor: Jeffery, Brian

      Come again! sweet love doth now invite, Sleep wayward thoughts, Awake sweet love, Flow my tears, I saw my lady weep, Shall I sue, Flow not so fast ye fountains, Say love if ever thou didst find, Sweet stay awhile, To ask for all thy love, Stay time awhile thy love, Time stands still

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    • Author: Varios Autores
      Editor: Pilkington

      Anónimo: As at noon dulcina rested, Sweet stay awhile!. Attey: On a time the amorous silvy. Barlet: O lord thy faithfulness, A pretty duck there was, What thing is love?, When from my love. Campion: Follow thy fair sun, My sweetest lesbia, When to her lute corinna sings, The cypress curtain of the night, Follow your saint, It fell on a summer's day,...

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    • Author: Varios Autores
      Editor: Pilkington

      Dowland: Flow my tears, If my complaints could passions move, Now o now I needs must part, Come away come sweet love, Awake sweet love, I saw my lady weep, Fine knacks for ladies, Shall I Sue?, Toss not my soul, Clear or cloudy, Time stands still, daphne was not so chaste, Sorrow sorrow stay, When Phoebus first did Daphne love, Flow not so fast ye...

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    • Author: Finé, Oronce

      Ad omnimodam Hemispherii seu Luthine & theorican et practicam

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    • Author: Mudarra, Alonso
      Editor: Romero, Pepe

      que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico

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    • Author: Campion, Thomas

      Author of light, The man of life upright, Where are all thy beauties now, Out of my soul´s depth, View me lord a work of thrine, Bravely deck´d come forth brigth day, To music bent is my retired mind, Tune thy music to thy heart, Most sweet and pleasing are thy ways, Wise men patience never want, Never weather beather sail, Lift up to heav´n sad wretch...

      18,60 €
    • Author: Coprario, John

      Funeral teares: Oft thou hast, O sweet flower, O th'unsure hopes, In darkness let me dwell, My joy is dead, Deceitful fancy, A dialogeu foe of mankindSongs of Mourning: O grief, Tis now dead night, Fortune and glory, So parted you, How like a golden dream, When pale famine, O poor distracted worldThe masque of squires: Go happy man, While dancong rests,...

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    • Author: Galilei, Michelangelo


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    • Author: Pifaro, Marcantonio del


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    Showing 25 - 36 of 99 items