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    • Author: O'Dette / Covey-Crump / North / Holloway / Thielmann

      Molinaro: Ballo dello il conde Orlando, Saltarello del predetto ballo Galilei: Polymnia Anonymus: Italiana, Villanella 'Orlando fa' che ti raccordi', Italiana, Passo mezzo bonissimo, Mascherada, Campanae parisienses, Italiana, Spagnoletto Caroso: Laura soave Balletto con Gagliarda Saltarello e Canario Besard: Bransles de village Boësset:...

      14,72 €
    • Author: Lislevand, Rolf

      E. Gaultier: Prélude en ré mineur, Canarie, L'inmortelle, Carillon, Le poste, Prélude en la mineur, Tombeau de mezangeau. Mazangeau: Sarabande. Dufaut: La superbe. Gallot: La montespan, La psyché, Les castagnettes, Dialogue, La lucrece. D. Gaultier: La belle homicide, La douce. Mouton: La princesse, La malassise, Gavotte, Le mouton, Chaconne, Le perier,...

      21,00 €
    • Author: Junghänel, Konrad

      Suite c minor, Prélude and fuga in c major, Suite in g minor

      19,00 €
    • Author: Junghänel, Konrad

      Bach: Adagio (BWV 1001), Fugue (BWV 1001), Suite in c minor Weiss: Tombeau sur la mort de Mr. Cajetan Baron d'Hartig, Suite in d minor

      19,50 €
    • Author: Andersson, Tommie

      Sanz: Dos trompetas de la reyna de Suecia Niewerth: Allemande, Courante, Sarabande Gaultier: Courante La belle homicide, Courante "L'Immortelle" Mouton: Double de la belle Homicide Dubut: Double de l'Homicide, Courante Bartolotti: Prelude, Allemande, Gavot, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue, Brand Anonymous: Courante "La Suédoise" Mörner: Praelud,...

      17,13 €
    • Author: O'Dette, Paul

      Dowland: A piece without title, Pavana (Mylius, 1622), Mr. Knights galliard, My lord willobies wellcome home, The frogg galliard, A fancy, My ladie Riches galyerd, The lady Laitons Almone, A dream (Lady Leighton's paven), Galliard, Orlando sleepeth, What if a day, Mrs. Winters Jumpp, Galliard, M. Giles hobies galiard, Dr. Cases pauen, Mellancoly galliard,...

      19,45 €
    • Author: Spaeter / Elwes

      Dowland: Unquiet thoughts, Who ever thinks or hopes of love, My thoughts are wing'd with hopes, If my complaints could passions move, Can she excuse my wrongs?, Now o now I needs must part, Dear if you change, Burst forth my tears, Go crystal tears, Think'st thou then by thy feigning?, Come away come sweet love, Rest awhile you cruel cares, Sleep wayward...

      16,23 €
    • Author: Junghänel / Jacobs / Kuijken

      Purcell: Tis nature's voice, Musick for a while, Retir'd from any mortal's sight, Since from my dear Astrea's sight, Pious Celida goes to prayers, Incassum Lesbia, Ah! Cruel nymph, The fatal hour comes on a pace, As Amoret and Thirsis lay, Sweeter than roses, I lov'd fair Celia, Young Thirsis' fate

      18,70 €
    • Author: Smith, Hopkinson

      Guerau: Canarios, Pasacalles de 7º tono, Marionas, Villano, Pasacalles de 1º tono, Jacaras de la Costa, Marizapalos, Passacalles de Patilla 8º punto alto, Jacaras

      21,00 €
    • Author: Coll / Gascón

      Händel: Sonata op. 1 n. 5 en sol major, Sonata en re major. Stanley: Solo op. 4 n. 2 en mi menor, Solo op. 4 n. 5 en re major. Sammartini: Sonata op. 2 n. 3 en mi menor, Sonata op. 2 n. 4 en sol major

      16,20 €
    • Author: Hübscher / Esswood

      Songs to my lady, Airs with variations for lute (John Dowland), Songs for tears, Songs of hope, Folksongs with guitar, Orpheus Britannicus (Henry Purcell)

      14,72 €
    • Author: Spencer / Deller

      Dowland: Come again sweet love, I saw my lady weep, Orlando sleepeth, Tarlton's resurrection, Sir John Smith's almain, Mistress white's nothing, My lord Chamberlain's galliard, From silent night, Flow not so fast ye fountains, My lord Willoughby's welcome, Mistress Winter's jump, Melacholy galliard, My lady Hunsdon's puff, Shall I sue?, In darkness let me...

      17,13 €
    Showing 1 - 12 of 124 items