About Us

Our shop:

Casa Luthier specializes in classical and flamenco guitars, ranging from models for young beginners to concert instruments by many of the finest guitar makers of our times.

 The shop was founded by guitarist Alicia Alcalay in 1978 and has gained a solid international reputation based on a reliable service and a large selection of excellent instruments. There is a great variety of accessories of all kinds and the shop stocks one of the largest collections in existence of sheet music for guitar.

 In 1997 Casa Luthier moved to its current premises at calle Balmes 73. It has excellent acoustics for trying out the guitars and frequently there are public performances at the shop.

Our team:

Anna Gudrún Arnaldsdóttir

Héctor Botija

Agustín Capdevila

Jordi Costa

Manuel Pablos

Nancibella Rangel

Marc Sambola