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Two loves. A sequence of poetry and music by W. Shakespeare and J. Dowland


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AuthorBream / Ashcroft

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Dowland / Laúd: My lady Hunsdon's puffe, The king of Denmark's galliard, Mignarda, Queen Elizabeth's galliard, Loth to depart, The earl of Derby's galliard, Lachrimae pavin, Tarleton's resurrection, Tarleton's resurrection, A fancy, Melancholy galliard, Semper Dowland semper dolens, Orlando sleepeth Shakespeare / Narradora: "If music and sweet poetry agree" (sonnet from The passionate Pilgrim), Envoi to the phoenix and the turtle, "The courser and the genet" (from Venus and Adonis), "She looks upon his lips" (Death of Adonis from Venus and Adonis), "Orpheus with his lute" (from King Henry VIII, act III, scene 1), "Weary with toil" (sonnet n. 27), "Is it thy will?" (sonnet n. 61), "O, never say that I was false of heart" (sonnet n. 109), "My mother had a maid call'd Barbara" (from Othello, act IV, scene 3), "Come away come away death"(from Twelfth night, act II, scene 4), "Two loves I have" (sonnet n. 144), "The expense of spirit" (sonnet nº129), "But she hath lost a dearer thing than life" (from The rape of Lucrece), "Ev'n in this thought" (from The rape of Lucrece), "What potions have I drunk" (sonnet n. 119), "When to the sessions" (sonnet n. 30), "Fear no more" (dirge for Fidele from Cymbeline, act IV, scene 2)