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Varietie of lute lessons


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AuthorKirchhof, Lutz

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Roma: Fantasie 4 Landgraf von Hessen: Pavane I Dowland: The right honourable Ferdinando Early of darby his galliard, Fantasie VII, The right honourable Robert Earle of Essex High Marshall of England his galliard, Sir John Langton his pavin, The most high and mightie Christianus the fourth king of Denmarke his galliard, Sir John Smith his almaine Anonymus: The witches daunce in the queen maske (Almaine), Coranto 3, Volt 6, Sir Henry Guilforde his almaine, Coranto 7, Volt 2, 2 Queenes maskes (The first of the queens maskes, The last of the queens maskes (Almaines)), 2 Volten (nº3, nº1) Batchelar: Pavane 4 Robert Dowland: The right honourable the lady Cliftons spirit galliard Ballard: Mounsier Ballard his coranto Salman: Mounsier Saman his coranto Huwet: Fantasie 5 Holborne: Pavane 2