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English lute songs, Book 1


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Anónimo: As at noon dulcina rested, Sweet stay awhile!. Attey: On a time the amorous silvy. Barlet: O lord thy faithfulness, A pretty duck there was, What thing is love?, When from my love. Campion: Follow thy fair sun, My sweetest lesbia, When to her lute corinna sings, The cypress curtain of the night, Follow your saint, It fell on a summer's day, Author of light, Vain men whose follies, O what unhoped for sweet supply!, Come you pretty false-eyed wanton, A secret love or two, The peaceful western wind, Oft have I sigh'd, If love loves truth, If thou long'st so much, Never love unless you can, Veil love mine eyes, There is a garden in her face, Love me or not, I must complain, Beauty since you so much desire, Your fair loojs. Cavendish: Stay Glycia stay, Love is not blind, The heart to rue, Wanton come hither!. Corkine: Sweet let me go!, He that hath no mistress, Sweet cupid. Danyel: Dost thou withdraw thy grace?, Why canst thou not?, I die whenas I do not see, Like as the lute delights. Ferrabosco II: Fain I would, Like hermit poor, Drown notwith tears, Unconstant love, Young and simple though I am. Ford: Not full twelve years, Now I see thy looks were feigned, Unto the temple of thy beauty, Since first I saw your face, Fair sweet cruel. Greaves: Ye bubbling srpings. R. Johnson: Dear do not your fair beauty wrong