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Songs for a lute, viol and voice


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AutorDanyel, John


Coy Daphne fled, Thou pretty bird, He whose desires are still abroad, Like as the lute delights, Dost thou withdraw thy grace, Why canst thou not, Stay cruel stay, Time cruel time, Grief keep within, Drop not mine eyes, Have all our passions, Let not Cloris think, Can doleful notes, No let chromatic tunes, Uncertain certain turns, Eyes look no more, If I could shut the gate, I die whenas I do not see, What delidht can they enjoy, Now the earth the skies the air (a)*, Now the earth the skies the air (b)**, Mrs Anne Grene her leaves be green***(*) formació: 2 Ld, conjunto vocal(**) formació: Ld, 2 Voces(***) formació: Ld