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Celtic guitar (incluye CD)


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Blind Mary, Bonnir dundee, Bryne´s hornpipe, Carolan´s draught, Carrickfergus, castle drummond, Charles O´Conor, Chief O´Neill´s favorite, Constantine maguire, The cuckoo´s nest, Drowsy maggie, Farewell to whiskey, The gallowglass, Garerr barry´s jig, The green fields of America, The harvest pipers, Jack O´Hazeldon, Katie dwyer, Langstrom´s pony, Lord Lovat´s lament, The maid behind the bar, Morrison´s jig, Murphy´s hornpipe, Napoleon crossing the rhine, O´Connell´s lamentation, Paddy on the railroad, Paddy whack, Planxty irwin, Rickett´s hornpipe, Sir Festus Burke, Sleepy maggie, Smash the windows, The southwind, Star of the county down, Staten Island hornpipe, The Tailor´s twist, Temperance reel, The top of cork road, The traveler