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Vol. 5 Transcriptions for solo guitar


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SCHUBERT: *Momento Musical; MENDELSSOHN: Romanza, Amor maternal; SCHUMANN: Le premier chagrin, Suplica del niño, Rêverie, Pequeña pieza, Marcha militar, Siciliana, Coral, Hoja del álbum, El mensaje; CHOPIN: Preludio op. 28 no. 6, Preludio op. 28 no. 7, Nocturne op. 9 no. 2 - 

The piano played an important part in Llobet's life. He and his wife Anita Aguilar were accomplished pianists.

This volume concentrates on the piano's Mittel-European Classical repertoire, which Llobet knew well. These arrangements are absolute gems, and this volume contains two unpublished works.