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Russian Collection Vol. 1 - 7


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Vol. 1: Sarenko: Etude I - III. Morkov: Prelude in b minor, d minor, f# minor. Sokolovsky: Etude. Aleksandrov: Etude. Nemerovsky: Etude. Ivanov - Kramskoi: 2 Prelude, Variations of Russian folk song "At the Gate", Lullaby. Kuznetsov: Not a Single Path in the Field, Russian Folk Song. Vyssotsky: Theme and Variations on the folk song "What Have I Done to Upset You". Guriliov: Matushka golubushka - Romance. Aksionov: Air Russe. Variations on "The Cossack Rode Over the Danube". Dargomyzhsky: The Youth and the Maiden - Romance, Melancholy Waltz. Grechaninov: Mazurka op. 98 n. 13. Tchaikovsky: Masurka op. 39 n. 11, Sweet Dream op. 39 n. 21, Autumn Song op. 37b n. 10.Vol. 2: Sychra, A.: 4 Concert Etudes.Vol. 3: Traditional: Dance song, Since yesterday's midnight, To the road i go alone, Grass on the meadow, The wanderer's song, The old lime - tree, Along the paved street, I will sow gossfoot, Play my bagpipe, The snowball tree, Between steep banks, My husband made me stoke the fire, I will forget you when..., Circle dance, The little homestead, Russian Rhapsody.Vol. 4: L'Hoyer / Sychra: Variations du concertante de Loye. Sychra: Variations on the song Amidst the flat valley, Etude. Svarog / Popov: Today is a goomy day. Dargomyzhsky / Isakov: Fever. Sareko: Fantasie sur la romance favourite du comte M. Wielhorsky it happened it happened. Tchaikovsky / Isakov: Valse sentimentale op. 51 n. 3. A.P....a: Etude on the romance by Glinka ''The lark''. Asafiev: Prelude et valse. Yashnev: Variations on an aria from the opera ??in the tempest'' by Khrennikov. Dunaievsky / Yashnev: The snow-ball tree blooms. Petrov: An old melody. Korchmar: White ninghts serenades. Uspensky: Rhapsody on jewish themes. Slonimsky: Burlesca. Grinblat: Intermezzo.Vol. 5: Ivanov-Kramskoi: Melancholy valse. Boldyrev: Long drawn - out song, Two musical moments, Sonata, Monologue, Scherzo, Old romance. Gubaidulina: Serenade. Koshkin: The elves op. 26. Panin: Exotic picture, Dedications. Shevchenko: Wind from the mountain meadow - Carpathian rhapsody. Slavskii: Canzona in memory of Piotr Agafoshin, Variations on ''Slendes ash tree''. Freidlin: Strophes of sappho - Five postludes. Tamulionis: Eleven preludes.Vol. 6: Asafiev: 12 Preludes, 2 Etudes, 6 Romances in old style, Theme with variations and finale after Tchaikovsky, Prelude et valse.Vol. 7: Varlamov: The red sarafan. Vyssotsky: Fantasie, Fantasie dedicated to guitar amateurs, Variations on In the garden, Prelude. Aksionov: Kamarinskaia variations. Zimmerman: Etude - Fantasia, Fantasia. Alexandrov: Etude, Ballade. Morkov: Two etudes, Adagio on a theme by Sychra. Vetrov: Valse lente. Pavlov-Azancheev: Procession. Shebalin: In A reflective mood. Ivanov-Kramskoi: Variations on 'slender ash-tree', I sit upon a rock, Improvisation, I lost a ring, Sad mood. Orekhov: Moscow nights variations. Dzhaparidze: Two visiond in white in a cold winter morning. Rekhin: Hommage a Villa-Lobos. Aristova: Prelude and fuga, Do not rustle green grave. Olshansky: Fantasia on the old russian romance 'Coachman do not rush your horses'. Shevchenko: Moscow bells. Kikta: Sonata