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A Pilgrimes Solace (1612) and three songs from A musicall banquet.


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AutorDowland, John


Voz & Guitarra (También)Disdain me still, Sweet stay awhile, To ask for all thy love, Love those beams, Shall I strive with words to move, Were every thought an eye, Stay time awhile thy flying, Tell me true love, Go nightly cares, From silent night, Lasso vita mia, In this trembling shadow cast, If that a sinner's sighs, Thou mighty god, When David's life, When the poor cripple, Where sin sore wounding, My heart and tongue were twins, Up merry mates, Welcome black night, Cease these false sports, Far from triumphing court, Lady if you so spite me, In darkness let me dwell, A Galliard to lachrimae