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Third book of ayres


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Ficha técnica

AutorCampion, Thomas


Oft have I sigh´d, Now let her change, Were my heart as some men´s are, Maids are simple, So tir´d are all my thoughts, Why presumes thy pride, Kind are her answers, O grief o spite, O never to be moved, Break now my heart, If love loves truth, Now winter nights, Awake thou spring, What is it all, Fire that must flame, If thou long´st so much, Shall I come sweet love to thee, Thrice toss these oaken ashes, Be thou then my beauty, Fire fire, O sweet delight, Thus I resolve, Come o come my life´s delight, Could my heart more tongues employ, Sleep angry beauty, Silly boy ´tis full moon yet, Never love unless you can, So quick so hot so mad, Shall I then hope