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33 czech folksongs


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AutorEben, Petr
ArregloBatchelar, Peter


for Pupil (EGTA) Here and there, I have black horses, Oh love love, Hey - ho geese, Here comes the postman, The girl with the blue eyes, It's raining it's raining it's pouring, Look after me mother dear, Young girls walking along the road, Andulichko hello, The moon is shining, When I was wandering, The little red rose, Around Trebon, The Shepherdess, Oh the dew is falling, When I used to visit you, When I took geese to the pasture, The pipes were playing at Pobuda, Hey, my battle - axe, On the squire's meadow, Shepherds you rascals, Sleep my angel, Little John you are naugthy, In the open field, The gosling's flight, The black fleece on the white sheep, Anichka my sweet, I love you dearest John, My love took a peacock to the pasture, Whose are these geese?, You wait I'll tell, When I sowed wheat