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Blow: Minuet: The self-banished lover. Carcassi: Sonatina I, II, III. Dowland: Complaint, Lachrimae pavan, The shoemeker´s wife, The frog galliard, The right honourable the lady rich, her galliard, Mrs White´s nothing. Giuliani: Sonata in C major op. 15. Hagen: Variations on a theme by Locatelli. Handel: Passepied, Menuet I,II, Gavotte, Menuet, Sarabande, Gavotte, Fuga. Sor: Introduction and variations on the air Marlborough op. 28,Elegiac fantasy op. 59, Variations on a theme of Mozart op. 9, Sonata in C major op. 15 n. 2. Visée: Suite in G minor