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The guitarist's progress. Travelling in style. Stage 1


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ArregloBurden, David


Burden: Introduction to the blues, West coast blues, Spanish prelude, Alborado, Seguidillas gitanas, The melon seller, By the river, Autumn leaves, Village in Andes valley, Carnival vals, Rio blues. French folk songs: Sur le pont d'Avignon, Savez-vous planter les choux, L'Alouette, Angels from the realms of glory. Sutherland: Sailing. Reynolds: Morningtown river. McTell: Streets of London. Russian folk songs: Ai dunaii moy, Minka. Caribean folk song: Mango walk. British folk songs: The lady in the boat, Buttered peas, Bear dance. German traditional: In dulci jubilo. Welsh traditional: Deck the halls