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A Pilgrimes Solace (1612) - Complete lute songs V


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AutorDowland, John
ArregloWolff, Werner


Disdaine me still that I may ever love, Sweet stay a while why will you rise, To aske for all thy love, Love those beames that breede, Shall I strive with words to move, Were every thought an eye, Stay time a while thy flying, Tell mr true love, Goe nightly cares the enemy to rest, From silent night, Lasso vita mia mi fa morire, In this trembling shadow, If that a sinners sighes be angels food, Thou mighty god, When Davids life by Saul, When the poore criple, Where sinne sore wounding, My heart and tongue were twinnes, Up merry Mates to Neptunes praise, Welcome blacke night, Cease these false sports, A Galliard to Lachrimae