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The first booke of Songes or Ayres


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AutorDowland, John
ArregloWolff, Werner


Unquiet thoughts, Who ever thinks or hopes of love for love, My thoughts are wingd hopes, If my complaints could passion move, Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake, Now o now I needs must part, Deare if you change ile never chuse againe, Burst forth my teares, Go Cristall teares, Think'st thou then by thy faining, Come away come sweet love, Rest a while you cruell cares, Sleepe wayward thoughts, All ye whom love or fortune hayh betraide, Wilt thou unkind thus reave me of my hart, Would my conceit that first enforst my woe, Come againe: sweet love doth now envite, His goulden locks time hath to silver turnd, Awake sweet love thou art returnd, Come heavy sleepe, Awaie with these selfe loving lads