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Virtuoso lute music from Italy and England


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AuthorLindberg, Jakob

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Laurenzini: Praeludium Anonymous: Aria del gran Duca, Bianco fiore, La trombeta Orlando/Laurenzi: Susanne un jour Kapsperger: Toccata, Corrente Piccinini: Passacaglia Piccinini: Toccata, Partite variate sopra l´Alemania Castaldi: Sgroppato passeggio, Un bocconcino di fantasia, Cromatica corrente, Sonata forastiere, Cecchina corrente Kapsperger: Arpeggiata, Colascione Piccinini: Chiacona in partite varianti Holborne: The night watch, Fairy round, The choyce, Heigh ho holiday Anonymous: Robin is to the greenwood gone, Howme again, Market is done Phillips: Cromatica pavana, The galliard Cutting: Greesleeves, Jig, Walsingham, The Squirrell´s Toy Bachelar: Mounsiers almaine Anonymous: I Can not keepe my wife at howme