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Japanese songs, vol. 2


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Anonymo: Counting song, Horse, Butterfly, Mr moon, Rabbit, Doves, Kagome kagome, Taki, R.: The new year. Hikida, R.: Come spring, Sparrow's school, Rain. Okano, T.: Spring has come, Brook in the spring, Red lieves, A misty moonlight night. Nakada, Y.: School of killifish, I found little autumn. Simousa, K.: Tanabata. Inoue, T.: The sea. Sugiyama, H.: The dall of bride. Nakayama, S.: 2 My home town, Port of Habu, Ball and lord. Kusakawa, S.: The afterglow. Harita, S.: The rolling acorn. Motoori, N.: The rice bales are full in storehouse, Red shoes, A dall with blue eyes, Little goat. Yamaguchi, Y.: A secret story. Niki, T.: Lovely colt. Yamada, K.: Waiting in vain, Petika. Nakagawa, N.: Variations on the theme of "Bonfire". Hashimoto, K.: Sweets and girl, When you look at the mt Fuji. Konoe, H.: Plover. Kainuma, M.: The hill of orange blossoms, The chinkara pass. Oonaka, T.: Coconut. Dan, I.: Flowering town. Sasaki, S.: Desert under moonlight