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The second booke of Songs or Ayres


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AuthorDowland, John
EditorWolff, Werner

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I saw my Lady weepe, Folw my teares fall from your springs, Sorow sorow stay lend true repetant teares, Dye not before thy day, Mourne mourne day is with darkness fled, Tymes eldest sonne old age the heire of ease (First part), Then sit thee downe & say thy Nunc demittis (Second part), When others sings Venite exultemus (Third part), Praise blindnesse eies for seeing is deceipt, O sweet woods the delight of solitarienesse, If fluds of teares could clense my follies past, Fine knacks for Ladies cheap choise brave and new, Now cease my wandring eyes, Come ye heavie states of night, White as Lillies was hir face, Wofull heart with griefe opressed, A Sheperd in a shade his plaining made, Faction that ever dwells in court, Shall I sue shall I seeke for grace, Tosse not my soule, Cleare or Cloudie sweet as Aprill showring